The Large Words
for PreBabel, the true Universal Language

Copyright © July 2009 by Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong

In all natural languages, there are word phrases, such as,
In PreBabel, there are also word phrases. In fact, every PB word is a word phrase itself. It is a word phrase written into one word. Therefore, some PB words become quite lengthy. In principle, a stand alone word should not longer than having 7 root words. If any inference is longer than 7 root words, it should be divided into two stand alone words. These two stand alone words are, in fact, a single word, and it is the PB large word. Thus, the PB word phrase is a bit different from word phrases of all other natural languages. Of course, a PB large word can have more than two stand alone words. However, it should not have more than 5 stand alone words in it. The followings are some examples:
  1.                 judge (give discuss result)